Influential people photography

Photography service for people who inspire, entertain, challenge, and change the world. Photography for breakouts, pioneers, moguls, leaders, and icons.

Some names in our portfolio: Co-Ceo of Goldman Sachs: Michael Sherwood, CEO of Faberge: Sean Gilbertson, Founder of Chrystal Capital: James Innes, Co-Founder of Missoni: Rosita Missoni, CEO of the Travel Group: Beatrice Tollman, Co-Founders of LEA Aviation: Patrick Margetson-Rushmore and George Galanopoulos, Russian Entrepreneur: Mikhail Fridman, President of Alpha-Bank: Petr Avern, President of BP: Lord Brown, Celebrity Doctor: Domingo Delgado and influencers in different sectors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and leaders.

Photo service for artists, actors and bon vivants

It is the favorite option for artists, actors, actresses, and real people who are seeking sublime photographs that transcend time with the unique style and glamour.

The ARTIST BOOK is made of 10 portraits that reflect the different facets of the personality of its protagonists. Lugermad has photographed characters like Erwin Elliot, Franklin Evans, Rosita Missoni, Tom Dixon, David King Reuben, Enzo Cucci, Gabrielle Di Matteo, Igor Eskinja, Luca Pozzi, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Patrick Bruel, Giovanni Rizzoli, Abdelkader Benchamma, Radhika Khimji, Gianni Pettena and many curators, gallerist, characters in the art, music, design and film industry.

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