Special promo of free Headshots

Now you can get a free profile photo done by Lugermad in Central London, sponsored by our partners: Big Bag Light Box, Picante Agency and Lugermedia. This is their marketing strategy to generate new leads.

Make a referral for a meeting in Central London with one of the following profiles:

1. Marketing Director or Business Owners of local companies with more than 5 employees in Central London Zone 1. And some areas of Zone 2. For a 30 minutes presentation of WEBCUATRO.com and Lugermedia.com 

2. Pregnant woman after 7th or 8th month of preganancy. BigBangLightBox.com will do a 20 minutes presentation of the portfolio.

3. Couple getting married that don´t have a photographer. www.londonweddingphotographer.net will present the portfolio. 

If you have know any of this profiles and you can arrange a meeting with them, then you are able to get a Free Photoshoot valued in 100GBP in Central London. 

Send us an email now to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


-People most be verifiable. 

-The meeting has to be accomplished.

-Photoshoot given in the promo: ADEQUATE PORTRAIT PROFILE PICTURE.

-The promo is limited to 3 free photoshoots a week.

-Conditions may change without previous notification and we reserve the right to judge wich ones to do.


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